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Hello and welcome!

As stated on the home page this group is a group about Fantage Animated Series. It is here to help you with understanding how to develop your series and story and make it original and as interesting as it can be. Please keep in mind we are only here to help but cannot make your series successful. That is all up to you!
We also do not help with teaching how to animate! We are not a group for that. There are wonderful tutorials on this on YouTube so please go search there.

This group was created because some of us noticed the increasingly dropping rate in FAS and their quality and originality of a good storyline. Basically they were becoming boring and overusing same ideas that made them boring.
After noticing this we created this group to hopefully help aspiring animators and help them be able to get new, original ideas to make an FAS instead of the typical "Boy meets girl" drama or anything cliche like that.
We will help give helpful tips on what's good to put in your FAS and what isn't.
Every time one of us admins runs into some good information about how to help you guys improve on your storytelling we will discuss together to figure out a way for it to be able to help you at it's full capacity.
We are a teach and learn group that want to help. We are not experts though so please do not believe that if you completely listen to us your series will become successful. You also have to put a bit of yourself in your series, make it completely your own, and make it successful on your own. We cannot make it successful for you.

Also we currently do not have any folders. Currently I am trying to figure out what can and cannot be submitted into the group. I've mentioned before that edits and customs cannot be submitted into the group. There is ONE exception though. You are allowed to submit edits if it concerns any character from an already existing Fantage Animated Series. For now this seems a little vague. I will make a Rules journal soon that will go into more information about this so please be patient with us.
What can also be submitted into the group are drawings/fanarts for already existing FAS. Please make sure though that you clearly state the series that drawing is for or it will be declined from the group.
Journal entries about helpful series tips will also be submitted into the group but that is what the admins will do. We are the only ones that will go around and if we find a journal with some good tips we will submit it into the group.

This is all we have for now. We hope to increase the knowledge of the group to be able to help you more. If you have any questions be do not be afraid to ask us admins and we will try our best to answer your questions.

Best Regards

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